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Nuzay, founded in 2016 is a product and service obsessed company focused on the education market in Myanmar

We bring best of breed solutions, proven at the global level and localize them for our Myanmar customers. We are a team of professionals that take pride in our commitment and always strive to do our best. With a talented team of 20+ professionals, our offices are located in Myanmar and Singapore.

Founder & CEO

Ashish Trivedi

Founder & CEO

Ashish Trivedi is the Founder of nuzay. Ashish is focused on harnessing cutting edge technology solutions, from early stage setup to product development, marketing and rollout, for emerging markets including Myanmar. Ashish’s areas of concentration include user experience based concept creation, startup leadership, channel development, strategic investments, partnerships and business development, advertising & media development, product management. IT-based investment analysis, product marketing, management and segment growth, and the management of P&L and new business development teams for IT infrastructure projects. Ashish has held leadership positions in Lucent Technologies, NAVTEQ and NOKIA , and has founded several startups including GeckoLife. A US citizen and Singaporean permanent resident, Ashish holds an MBA from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Our Services

Singapore Office

Myanmar Office