NuZay GPS Tracker Management

Operational Command

Access to Google Maps

Most reliable mapping service that provides direction guidance, destination view, time estimation, landmark, etc. to enable tracking with accuracy

Management Report

Receive consolidated report of all departments that can be managed and monitored by the Management

Automated Alerts

Receive automated alerts if fuel is less in vehicle, security alert, signal lost, sensor tracked ignition alert. User will be automatically alerted and reminded of activities the vehicle is going through

Lifetime Warranty

Enjoy the add on feature of life time warranty for the GPS tracker device. Any defect, technical issue is all covered under the warranty certificate

Geo-fence Management

Monitor, track and receive alert during entry and exit of the vehicle, personal or equipment in the premises set by the administrator

Routing Management

Enjoy reduced costs and make the item delivery speedy using route and activity planning

Vehicle Tracking

Fuel Monitoring

Control, manage, track and overlook the fuel consumption, receive daily report for each vehicle, track the frequency of fuel required by vehicle and enjoy other cost saving benefits

Ignition Sensor

Ignition sensor provides immediate alert to the person in charge for initiating inspection for the tracked defect in the machine

Application Security

It is an idea implemented to protect software against malicious attack and other hacker risks so that the software continues to function correctly under such potential risks.

Re-installation and De-Installation

The device can be conveniently re-installed from one vehicle to another in just one request to our service team for assistance

Inspection Duties

Advance planning for vehicles, staff put under their charge, all the signals and layout of the track, en route and in yards, test the running staff and arrange for issue.

24 hour Support

Remote and in person assistance for functional and technical support to all our clients